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Financial Cares, Inc.

Who we are . . . . .

Financial Cares, Inc. is a family owned and operated business consulting company that has been serving in the Kansas City area for the past 15 years

What we do . . . . .
We provide a wide range of services that we typically classify in one of the following four categories:

Accounting Services
Tax Preparation and Planning
Financial Products
Business Consultation

Who do we serve . . . . .

We provide our services to small to medium sized businesses and individuals, currently in the Kansas City and surrounding areas.

Why we do what we do . . . . .

We have seen that many businesses and individuals in today's market and society are searching for the next "Big Thing" in an attempt to have instant success. We believe that success does not come overnight, but through consistent effort, attention to details and maintaining a strong focus. We strive to help our clients see the benefits of these efforts and how they can achieve their own success by following these three items