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Financial Products

With the recent downturn in the economy, many people are concerned about the effects of this current recession; how long it will last, and how deep it will go.

However, as Larry Burkett states in January 2002’s Money Matters newsletter, “Much more fruitful than speculating about the recession is taking positive steps to shore up your own personal finances.  Are you paying down your debt?  Are you building up your savings?  Are you planning for the future?”

Let Financial Cares help you develop a financial
plan for today and for the future.

Making the most with your resources and attempting to mitigate serious risk are the goals of most individuals and businesses.  With a licensed Certified Financial Planner on staff, Financial Cares can not only help assess your current financial situation, but also provide financial products that will help your resources work beter and control business risks.  the following are just a few of the products available through and offered by Financial Cares:

Keyman Business Insurance:
What would happen to your business, if you or another valued executive unexpectedly passed away? This is one method to provide cash flow during this tragic time and allow for funds to help a business continue as a going concern.
Life Insurance:
Will your spouse or children be able to make the house payment, if you are not there?  This is one traditional method to provide resources to your family or business, if you unexpectedly pass away.
Long Term Care Insurance:
One of the largest generations in America, the baby boomers, is currently entering their sixties. With this change there is also the possibility that there may be unexpected medical conditions that require extensive care.  Long Term Care insurance will help provide funds to mitigate this risk and can also be used as an executive benefit within any company.
Annuity Investments:
Are you conservative or aggressive?  Do you need to prepare for college education, or for the house at the beach?  Annuity investments can provide competitive returns or guaranteed cash flow for many purposes.  Our experience and associations with several annuity firms allow Financial Cares to present many options for our clients.
Retirement Planning:
There are many options out there today to ensure a comfortable retirement.  Annuities, IRA’s, and company-funded 401(k) plans are just a few components of a complete retirement plan.  A thorough understanding of Social Security benefits is another important part of planning for the later years.  Let Financial Cares review all the options with you to develop or adjust your retirement plan.